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DMOZ no longer exists but for SEOs and webmasters we keep the full list of domains it contained. 5+ million hosts, 4.5+ million unique domains all quality and human edited.


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A real SEO behemoth back in its day, DMOZ was setting the standards with an innovative take on a website directory and an air of exclusivity with its long waiting list. Getting a backlink from DOMZ was the Holy Grail of SEO as it was a viable chance for a feature snippet. Now, although it closed virtual doors in March 2017, the community behind the project is as powerful and close-knit as ever. The industry has changed, taking in its stride backlinks as we know them, but that doesn’t mean the opportunities offered by the domains on the open directory have quelled.

All the websites which the project used to feature are now here, right at your fingertips. In just a simple click, you can buy all the domains that have been listed at the directory at a more than affordable rate. You will have access to millions of quality domain names readily available for selecting the exact or partial keyword match that will add more value and expand the scope of your SEO and marketing prospects. You can get URLs with high domain authority and metrics which will fit perfectly with your SEO strategy and boost your marketing ROI.

New Opportunities for Your Business with Tried-and-Tested Domains

Search engines are now smart enough to recognize intent and what better way to improve your latent semantic indexing and topic clusters than utilizing the right domain names and building sustainable PBNs of your own? With a quality domain name as a starting point, you can improve your site architecture, make related content easier to find by web crawlers, and ultimately improve your search engine visibility. And it all starts with a few easy steps:

  • add the database to your cart or contact us for any customized solutions you need;
  • browse our other databases of active and expired domains and add more lists to further boost your marketing and SEO strategy;
  • enjoy a fast and simplified process of purchase, as the domain list you've selected is usually sent to you within 24 hours;
  • download the file you have been sent or export the .csv data you've received and you're all set!

Whether you’re directly advertising products and services or tapping into the endless opportunities of inbound marketing, here you can find the perfect solution to build your own public blog network and expand your target audiences.

Who Can Take Advantage of the DMOZ Domain List?

Reaching out to new demographics or just keeping tabs on your industry and trying to stay ahead of the latest trends? The perfect domain can make all the difference and help you expand your outreach, facilitating viral content and establishing a solid online presence. With the DMOZ domain database, you can work successfully on:

  • implementing multiple domain strategy;
  • building microsites;
  • creating 301 redirects;
  • improving link equity.

Budding businesses, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs – everyone can make the first step towards a successful long-term strategy and gain leeway against penalization with the right EMD or PMD. When you buy this list, you gain advantage in ranking, as all domains in DMOZ are human-edited.

In an industry as dynamic as SEO, getting tailor-made solutions for your domains is your sustainable competitive advantage that can make all the difference. Our goal is to help you solidify your online presence, boost your brand awareness, and ultimately improve your marketing and SEO strategy for better ranking and conversion results.